I rememberd I had two other things to say about the Mighty Mouse.

1) (And I realise this is a more generic OS X mouse thing) I CANNOT set the sensitivity of my mouse high enough in OS X! This drives me nuts. Its so close but not quite as fast as I have under Windows or Linux!

2) Before I say this, I’ll mention that I think Apple does a fantastic job on software (Hardware too of course), but who the hell writes a mouse driver that is 152mb installed?!! Its basically the same size as that last update to OS X and only adds the tiniest bit of functionality. I would really love to know what the hell is in that thing.

Finally, on a non-Apple note, I’ve registered www.monkey-labs.org for use with any projects I might decide to work on. Its also something of a communal thing so if anyone else has any projects their working on that need a home, just ask. Its not hosted anywhere yet but I want to get a CVS server hosted somewhere that I can point a subdomain like cvs.monkey-labs.org at. Anyone know any companies that do reasonable CVS hosting?