Well I’ve been having problems with the Mac. Disapointing I know. Its especially difficult trying to convince people how good the system is when it dies.

Anyway I decided that the only step forward (Other than sending the damn thing back to Apple again) was to reinstall OSX. So I start doing all the things I normally do when reinstalling an OS. I copy my data. I make backups of all the application installers I can find. I backup all the data from the other userID on this PC. It takes a while.

Eventually I stick in the OSX install disc and boot to it. I select the option to use existing user profiles on the new install and progress through normally. When the thing finishes and boots up I am blown away to find that the system is exactly as it was before! Not in the sense that it crashes all the time (This is still yet to be seen) but in the sense that my profile, the profile of the other user, applications and configs are all exactly the same! 90% of applications are still there are working without the need for a reinstall. At first glance I would swear that the installer didn’t actually do anything except for the fact that it actually boots up again.

I know this is what a modern operating system SHOULD do, but I was blown away by the fact that this actually did it. More impressed with Apple, now if only it doesn’t start crashing again I’ll be positively delighted.

Edit: OK the problem began reoccuring. bugger. Anyway long story short, and this will sound stupid, but I think its possible that it might be gcc-4.0 causing the problem.
no I don’t have any technical reason to back this up (Maybe someone can help here) but after installing it the problem began again, after removing it and replacing it with gcc 3 I haven’t excperienced a single crash. I’ve fired up a heap of memory/CPU intensive apps and pushed pretty hard, but no crashes. If anyone can provide a reason for this I would love to hear it. Does gcc-4.0 replace any system files when its installed? its hard to imagine but its the only thing that even remotely makes sense.