Well it finally arrived. OK finally is probably a bit unfair as it was a week before Apple’s original arrival date, but it seemed like a damn long while. That’s right, the MacBook.
What can I say that anybody reading this probably hasn’t seen 10 times before? I’ve yet to really notice any flaws with the unit, its fast as hell, looks great and, being a Mac, just works.

Hear are my thoughts on what have been some of the more ‘controversial’ aspects of the MB:

  • The screen: When I read that Apple had switched to a glossy screen for the MB I was a little concerned. I’d seen glossy laptop screens before and thought them to be just annoying, especially when looking at them from any angle other than straight on. Well there was absolutely nothing to be worried about. The screen is far less glossy than other laptop screens but is bright, very clear and the colours are strong. Infact I’d been using it for about an hour before even realising that its a glossy screen. The glossiness can be noticed clearly when the unit is off or something very dark is taking up most of the screen (How often does this happen on a mac tho?) but other than that you don’t see it. It took me 5 goes take a picture with it on where you can even see the glossiness, I had to take it from an angle with the flash up high:
  • Heat – This one also concerned me greatly. I’d had visions of burnt thighs and, more worryingly, the unrelenting genocide of my little swimmers. Back to reality though, it gets hot but not burning hot. I haven’t really stressed it at all yet as I’ve only been transferring data and installing apps, but if anything, its probably running cooler than the 15″ PowerMac that I’ve used in the past.
  • The keyboard – Again when the first pics came out I thought the following:
    “Great, Apple have decided to reinvent another input device that everyone was happy with anyway”
    )Yes, incase you couldn’t tell, I was bitten by the MightyMouse disaster) Again back in reality, the keyboard is the same as any other on a laptop. The keys are really nice to type on, probably better than previous Apple laptops that I’ve used, but not necesarilly better than some other brands of laptops. This is obviously personal preference but I’ve felt that some of the xBooks in the past have had too little movement in the keys or that they are too firm. I’m not really sure as its a hard thing to define, but I’ve prefered, say, the keyboard on my (Shock Horror!!) Thinkpad. Up until now that is.

Other than that there’s very little other than what you would expect. I’m running emulated apps without even realising so there’s no problems there. The magnetic power cord is fantastic, especially the little light on it, the iSight is a great little toy, the wireless is better than previous Apple portables and the new features on the trackpad are pretty nice too (Once you get used to them).

All up, there’s not much more to say about it. I can’t find fault in any areas, especially the ones they may have been a little worrying. Easily one of the nicest laptop packages I’ve ever used.

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