I see you

One of the funky new features on the MacBook is the built in iSight. OK, let’s not beat around the bush, its a webcam that is built into the screen, which is a pretty useful gadget in some cases.
Currently though, I’m yet to find it anything more than a toy. As its the only webcam that I currently have available to me, its useless as video chat device, although I’m sure this will be cool in the future, and as its on a laptop that gets switched off and on all the time, it can’t really be used as a 24×7 webcam.

Still though, the owner of this particular Macbook seems to like it, particularly some of the funky little apps that come with it that can apply some pretty nifty filters in real time.

Correction, she did seem to like it. Right up to the point when, completely unknown to her, I ssh’d in, copied over a little app for taking pics through the webcam and wrote a script to routinely copy these back onto my PC, then showed her the pics (that were, of course, of herself). Apparently doing this sort of thing remotely (ie from a different building) is against the rules.

Go Figure.

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