Gloss gets video

So time for another Gloss update. I’ve put in a lot of effort lately to adding new feature so its highly unstable at the moment but most of the things that were working continue to do so and there’s even been the odd bug fixed.

As far as new features go, the big ticket items are:

  • A video plugin! Its been under development for a little while but now its in place and seemingly working, albeit rather buggy
  • Full screen video now works.
  • All video playback now runs through a central controller that ensures a consistent on screen display

It doesn’t sound like much but there’s been a bit to get it all running together. I need to pause now I think and start fixing bugs. The final big plugin to be written is an audio player which hasn’t even been started at this stage.

As usual, the screencast is up on YouTube:
YouTube Preview Image

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