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I’ve been a bit slack on the posts lately, although it is at least in part due to the fact that I’ve felt like I’ve nothing to say. I took a bit of a break from coding for a week or so as work has been doing my head in lately and have had a few technical hurdles in Gloss that are beyond my ability to fix in the ways I was hoping. That said though, I’ve got back into it the last week and made some nice, if not astounding steps forward, mostly on the music player, although there’s been a heap of little things fixed in the shared elements code. Screencast of the music interface should finally be done soon, just need to add a nice screen to show when a playlist is running. I’d like to add visualisations also, but at this stage, I have no idea how to implement such a thing.
I’ve also started forming in my head the ‘roadmap’ for what I want to put into a 0.1 release. The main items are:

  • All currently started modules themed and in a working state
  • A full readme doc written up
  • Proper installation packages (should go without saying I guess)
  • Potentially recording viewing

I’d really like to reach that sort of point within the next month or 2, but it does come down to how much time I have of a night.

2 thoughts on “Slack updates”

  • Hello, I thought I’ll just post a wee comment saying hello. I’ve first read about Gloss over at where there’s an article about it here –

    I’m only *just* started teaching myself Python so I can’t help much with development sorry, but I can help out with bug test etc. I use MythTV a lot myself, with mutliple frontends (mostly laptops(!)) and while I prefer frontend to look more like Elisa etc, I was thinking it’s a pity none of them could connect to MythTV.

    But I’m happy to see that you’ve started a project for this. Will download it and see where you’re at once I get home from work.


  • Just read about gloss over at and watched your demo videos. All I have to say is WOW! gloss is absolutely beautiful. Please keep up the fantastic work.

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