I thought I should post a bit of an update on the status of things at the moment. An article which was published on linux.com recently (http://www.linux.com/feature/135096) has generated a bit of interest in Gloss and whilst for the most part the comments have been positive, there have been a few questioning my motives and/or saying its a waste of effort to start a new project.

In many cases, these arguements are 100% correct. There’s already a number of really great projects out there, not to mention the official mythfrontend itself, where efforts could possibly be better spent, but personally that’s not what I’m looking for at the moment. The best suggestion I’ve seen so far is that I should ‘swallow my pride’ and work on an Elisa plugin getting myth functionality (ie live tv / recordings) happening there. This is something I am going to seriously consider and now that I have a reasonably complete implementation of the myth protocol in python, it shouldn’t be too hard to do. That said I haven’t looked at Elisa’s plugin structure at all and I am assuming that, like Gloss, the ability to feed data through to gstreamer should be pretty much taken care of already.

As for my motives for writing Gloss in the first place, I never wanted to step on people’s toes, I was simply intending to have something that would, at the very least, generate some discussion regarding the current state of the myth frontend and where it is and should be heading. Frankly, I don’t care if not a single person ever uses Gloss seriously, its something that currently I enjoy hammering away at and I will continue to do so regardless. Its nice to have a project of your own, where you understand it from one end to the other and where you don’t get tied up so much in the ‘politics’ and egos of open source development. Maybe I’m too thin skinned for it. That’s not to say that help isn’t appreciated and other opinions considered, just that I don’t feel I need to be continually justifying myself and my work to other people. I get enough of that every day at work.
At the end of the day, if you don’t like Gloss, ignore it and don’t use it.

OK, so with that rant over, I’ll say that the movement in Gloss has been a little stunted, but still coming along. I do hope to have another screencast VERY soon (Yeah I know I said that last time too), but I mean it this time. Beyond that, I am going to start looking at packaging things up for a 0.1 release and move onto 0.2. At this stage, the things I definitely want in 0.2 are:

  • Full adherence to existing myth key bindings (Actually already started, but will not be done for 0.1)
  • TV Guide
  • Recording playback
  • Expanding video directory browsing + automatic refresh of video archive

Finally, I’m giving a talk on Clutter at the next Linux Users Victoria (LUV) meeting. Details can be found at: http://luv.asn.au/2008/06