1 + 1 = 3

No updates to this blog in a while I’m afraid, things have just been far too busy to have had anything interesting (read geeky) to write about. That said, I am indulging and making this post purely to show off.

On Monday 25th May at 8:37am, after a rather long day/night, Mel and I welcomed Spencer Bailey Stewart into the world. There were a few little issues throughout the night (Particularly towards the end) and he had some small hurdles to get over in his first hour, but since then he has gone from strength to strength and both he and Mum and now doing amazingly well.
Obligatory Pic:

Spencer Bailey Stewart

He’s a very placid little man and would quite happily sleep through an earthquake, much to our delight. And yes, that is a little penguin he’s holding on to in that pic

So that’s all really. I am very conscious of not becoming a complete baby bore so unless something actually worth writing about happens, this will hopefully be my only baby post for the sake of a baby post.

One thought on “1 + 1 = 3”

  • Hi, I came to your blog while googling for information to make a rally computer with an Arduino board. Congratulations to you and the mum, and best wishes for all.

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