Boxee iView back online

Just a quick post to say the ABC iView Boxee app has been updated to version 0.7 and should now be fully functional once again. I apologise to anyone who has been using the app for how long this update has taken and I wish I could say I’ve been off solving world hunger or something, but in reality I’ve just been flat out with work and family. I’ve also got a few other projects on the go that have been keeping me busy. These may or may not ever reach a stage of public consumption, but if they do it’ll be cool stuff.

For anyone using Boxee, you may need to remove the app from My Apps and wait for Boxee to refresh its repository index, but eventually version 0.7 should pop up. Its a few rough in places so I hope to do another cleanup within the next few weeks, but at least everything is functional again.

6 thoughts on “Boxee iView back online”

  • Thanks for putting the Boxee iView app together. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my wife is really happy with it. 🙂

    If I wanted to contribute some patches, is there any particular place I should be checking out the source from?

  • Firstly, thanks for the Boxee iView app.

    Secondly, running the latest Boxee software, I installed the app, and it loads sucessfully and pulls in the feeds. Unfortunately, when I attempt to play a video it attempts to load, I see a mouse cursor and then it fails and returns to the program list.

    Cheers, Justin

    • Justin – What platform are you running Boxee on? There are some known issues on the Boxee Box itself, but if you’re running on a PC (Win/Mac/Linux) it should be OK.

      Just to confirm, it shows version 0.9 in the bottom left corner?

      • I’m running it on the Boxee Box, and after a Boxee update the other day, your iView app is working perfectly. Many thanks for your hard work! Now, back to watching Grand Designs and Dr Who 🙂

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