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    Following up on last nights showing of the DS with linux… I’d like to show the following:

    Yes, that’s right, its Day the the Tentacle on the DS. Well actually (and obviously) its SCUMM VM running on the DS :)
    The Ds is bascially the perfect mobile SCUMM platform, its great! Its got the touch screen which gives a pretty reasonable interface and if I ever get some better hardware for storage I can even run the talkie versions.

    Well seeing as how I’m at lca 2006, aaaand I’ve recently purchased a Nintendo DS, I thought it only fitting thaty I combined the two.
    The result…? I hideous mutation that I finally got running this afternoon. Here’s the obligatory blurry photo:

    It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, especially considering the limited hardware I had to work with (No CF or SD!!!) but its done.