SIMD Part 2

AS promised here are the results from the testing with the SIMD code. If you have no idea what I’m talking about see my previous entry here and As can be seen there was quite a bit of variance accross the different systems. The P4 2.80 really seems to come out on top everywhere and I can only […]

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International students

A lot has been said about international students lately, most of which revolve around peoples own experiences. Today the Age is running an article on the hardship faced by these studens, including racism. Ignoring the fact that most of the problems outlined sound applicable to nearly every university student I know, irrespective of race, what the whole thing […]

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a whinge

I know I don’t use this blog much but, well, its week 13 and I WANT TO WHINGE! I’m sick to death of crappy software that doesn’t do what it claims to do! Software that just does not make any logical sense! This is promising software, it just hasn’t been thought out all the way through. I think […]

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