No more pink walls

    Still kickin

    I know I don’t use this blog much but, well, its week 13 and I WANT TO WHINGE! I’m sick to death of crappy software that doesn’t do what it claims to do! Software that just does not make any logical sense! This is promising software, it just hasn’t been thought out all the way through.
    I think that this maybe a product of the open source, distributed development model. I hope not tho.

    Anyway I’ve calmed down from earlier in the evening when i was throwing shit around in my frustration. I guess its lucky I don’t keep the server in the honours room. Such anger is unusual for me, i think its a result of me not having time to fuck about with things that aren’t working when they should. I know that I can do amazing things when i work under pressure. Both my body and mind seem to slip into another mode and just go nuts. But as a consequence it seems it takes a lot less than normal for me to snap. Still I enjoy doing this once in a while, it reminds me that I can be efficient when i need to be.

    So many people claim to have new beginnings so I’d like to make it very clear from the start that this is nothing more than a pseudo beginning. There’s really nothing new about it. I bought a new home in the real world, I bought a new home in the online world. I’m just moving into this one first. Like any new home, this one is still a little messy.

    I plan on keeing this blog private for a LITTLE while, but not long. So hello to anyone reading this a few months from now.

    I’ve been trying to forget about working and what the future holds for my employement, but it keeps niggling at me. Uni is starting to look up again and its enjoyable for the the first time in a while.

    Last night I was dropping frames, audio was perfect tho.

    the randomness ends… now.