:: About Me

Welcome to noisyime.org, the personal website for me, Josh Stewart.

As a brief introduction to myself, I am an open source 'geek' who graduated from The University of Ballarat in 2005 with a Bachelor of Computing (Honours) degree (My acadmic results, my resume and a copy of my research thesis can be found on this page). Since completing my degree I have been working at IBM as a business analyst and have recently started a part time MBA through Deakin University.

:: Computing Interests

My interests in technology encompass a large number of areas. I am, first and foremost, a member and advocate of the open source community and all code I have written to date has been release under and open source licenses. I have been using linux for approximately 6 years in both server and desktop environments and am the current President of the Ballrat Linux Users Group, a 'child' organisation of Linux Users Victoria (LUV).

In terms of development, I have worked across a number of areas (Java J2EE, Lotus Notes development, LAMP)but for my current projects I am now working primarily in python and C, almost exclusively under linux.

:: Research

In 2005 I completed a yeah of undergraduate research on the topic of semantic web portals. This research focussed on the OntoViews semantic portal framework and the result was a system for automatically generating prolog code for use with OntoViews

My thesis for this research can be found here

:: Resume & Results

The current version of my resume can be found below. A copy of may academic transcript is also below:


Academic Results