Some screenshots of the gadget


Welcome to Multiple Calendars GCal. This is a gadget for the Google Desktop application that allows you to view multiple Google Calendars. It uses much of Google's own calendar plugin ( however it also allows, as the name suggests, for multiple calendars to be added. It also has a few other additions. Features?

  • Multiple calendars (der)
  • No more usernames / passwords
  • The ability to change the refresh time

There's a whole heap more features I'd love to add (Such as the ability to add entries without going to the website and colours for different calendars) so feel free to email me with any suggestions.

This plugin now has its own Google Group which can be found at:


Once you've downloaded the plungin (See below) installation is fairly easy. IThe gadget requires Beta 4 (Or better) of Google Desktop to run. If you've got Beta 4 just double click the file after you've downloaded it and you're away. By default it displays my own calendar but you can easily change this through the options panel. The URL that you need to enter can be found in your calendar settings within Google Calendar. You need to use the XML feed rather than the iCal one.

If you've downloaded the file your PC doesn't know what to do with the .gg file, download the newest version of Google Desktop and reboot your machine.

About me

Who am I? My names Josh Stewart and basically I made this because whilst there were versions of the Google Calendar for Google Desktop, none of them had support for multiple calendars. I'd orginally started on this when the code was all by Manas Tungare, however shortly after I'd got it finished Google released there own 'official' version. Luckily they had simply used some of Manas' code and I could integrate the two. :)


Download it here

Current Version: 0.1.2 (Uploaded on 4/4/06)