A lot has been said about international students lately, most of which revolve around peoples own experiences. Today the Age is running an article on the hardship faced by these studens, including racism.
Ignoring the fact that most of the problems outlined sound applicable to nearly every university student I know, irrespective of race, what the whole thing fails to show is the reasons for such problems occuring in the first place. People these days are beyond racism purely for racisms sake (ie wanting to feel superior). If people are ‘racist’ today they typically have a reason for being so, whether this reason is acceptable to others is another issue, however it seems that people are starting to agree on these reasons (And they are not as far fetched or paranoia fuelled as they traditionally have been). Its these issues that should be addressed.
Whilst I’m not trying to say that there is some great conspiracy in it all, I don’t think this is information that the universities would not really want out in the public. Of course they’re trying to encourage internationals simply for the dollars, why else? (its certainly not for their high quality of work) , but they don’t have to make that too obvious.

Note: To anyone reading this who has no idea of the background I’m coming from this must all sound terribly racist. I assure you its not. It is simply my take on it as a tutor who has to contend with a number of international students for whom great allowances are being made.