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Yesterday I was reading the Wikipedia article entitled “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” which is a fantastic example of why our language is so utterly confusing and if nothing, a rather amusing read.

The problem was though, that I think my brain somehow couldn’t shake the idea of these ‘homophonous phrases’ (See Wikipeadia) and I woke up about 5am wondering about one that was going through my head. It went like this:
“Will, will Will’s will will Will’s will?”
Which is, as far as I can tell, gramatically correct. It takes the form of a note, addressed to someone named Will, asking whether another persons will is doing what he intends it to.
It paraphrases like this (Changing the name’s and words for similar ones):
“Tom, will Joe’s last will and testament leave Harry what he intended?”

The “will” breakdown as:
1) Proper noun, starting a note addressed to someone named Will
2) Asking a question (Eg: “Will you come to the dance with me?”)
3) Proper noun, referecing a different person named William
4) noun, the last will and testament of William
5) verb, the act of leaving someone something in a will
6) Proper noun, again referencing William
7) noun, William’s intent

Now I’m far from being an English major so if anyone out there can comment on it, go nuts. Its just something I found interesting, particularly considering that my brain just decided to make it up while I was asleep.

2 thoughts on “Word games”

  • I’ve given up on trying to work out the meaning of that damn sentence (since I keep losing it around the 4th or 5th will).

    The fact you were woken up by it disturbs me.

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