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Well I finally got around to ‘finishing’ another of the little projects I’d been playing with. This one is probably extremely boring to nearly everyone but me, but franklin I don’t really care, it was useful for me 🙂

Basically I whipped up a little site where you can pull Australian Stock (ASX) quotes, for any group of companies you wish, in RSS form. The site is still a little rough at the moment, but if this is useful to anyone else its at:

Incase anyone is wondering why the hell I would bother wasting my time creating something like this, it all stemmed from the MythTV setup. I’ve got the MythNews plugin loaded which allows you to read RSS streams in a nice pretty format on your TV in the morning. I thought a set of stock quotes would be good too, but alas after searching I couldn’t find any service providing this (For free at least), so I did the crazy thing and made it myself.

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  • Hi Greg… The company name should show as the rss entry’s title and the value appears in the actual content of the entry. Does that help?

  • Yep I see that. I am looking for a feed for my xbox running xbox Media Centre, so I am thinking I need a feed that actually displays the price? Can you select and view the content in MythTV? Not sure that I can in XBMC… RSS is not something I have had a great deal to do with. Thanx for the reply:)


  • Everything works fine in MythTV, basically it shows a list of companies which you can then scroll through to get the current price.

    If XBMC needs all the info displayed in the title rather than in the title and the body, I can probably put an option on the feed to do this. It might take me a week or so though as I’m a bit limited for free time at the moment.

  • Hi, I was just wondering what method you are using to pull the data? Are you just parsing the HTML from the ASX site directly?

    I would love to use your script or something like it, but I would prefer to host it myself so that I don’t need to worry about your site going down or the script moving.


  • Hi noisymime!

    I’m having the problem that I only go two updates, around the 15th of November. Is this still running?
    The price of the shares I’m watching has been changing.

    Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    My name is Zach Holmes, Executive Member of the Bond Investment Group. The Bond Investment Group is a university organisation run by students of Bond University to learn about investing and finance. I love this script that you have created and im interested in creating a ticker-tape of stock prices to go on our website. Im also interested in learning how to extract stock prices for developing apps for students to use. Could you explain how you extract the stock data from the asx website and how you convert it to RSS?

    I tried converting it to a simple rss ticker but it generates an error when using more than one stock as the address after ‘s.php?’ can only seem to take 1 ‘code[]=xyz’. Also, my CMS automatically generates rss feeds but cant process them with [] in the address.

    If you could help me develop this for the Bond Investment Group (a not for profit organisation which only serves to educate students) the entire university would be very appreciative.

    Kind Regards,
    Zach Holmes
    Bond Investment Group

    • @G

      Its probably possible, but I’m happy for people to get use out of it for free. If someone decides they want to offer me a job implementing it in their own product then great, but until then its open source / free all the way for me 🙂

  • Hi noisymime!

    You have done agreat job and love your RSS ASX feed. It`s very useful and I have not seen any around the web that as good n simple as urs.
    I hope you will be able to fix the current problem and am sure u will.
    Keep up a good work.

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