Well I finally got around to ‘finishing’ another of the little projects I’d been playing with. This one is probably extremely boring to nearly everyone but me, but franklin I don’t really care, it was useful for me :)

Basically I whipped up a little site where you can pull Australian Stock (ASX) quotes, for any group of companies you wish, in RSS form. The site is still a little rough at the moment, but if this is useful to anyone else its at: http://noisymime.org/asx

Incase anyone is wondering why the hell I would bother wasting my time creating something like this, it all stemmed from the MythTV setup. I’ve got the MythNews plugin loaded which allows you to read RSS streams in a nice pretty format on your TV in the morning. I thought a set of stock quotes would be good too, but alas after searching I couldn’t find any service providing this (For free at least), so I did the crazy thing and made it myself.